Just playing around with a temperature sensor and arduino board.


Arduino Mega
Omron D6T
32×32 RGB panel

Connection scheme

Here are the pin connections between LED panel connector and Arduino:

Panel Pin Label Panel Connector Pin # Arduino Pin Notes
R0 1 2 Red data (columns 1-16)
G0 2 3 Green data (columns 1-16)
B0 3 4 Blue data (columns 1-16)
GND 4 GND Ground
R1 5 5 Red data (columns 17-32)
G1 6 6 Green data (columns 17-32)
B1 7 7 Blue data (columns 17-32)
GND 8 GND Ground
A 9 A0 Demux input A0
B 10 A1 Demux input A1
C 11 A2 Demux input A2
D 12 A3 Demux input E1, E3 (32×32 panels only)
CLK 13 11 LED drivers’ clock
STB 14 10 LED drivers’ latch
OE 15 9 LED drivers’ output enable
GND 16 GND Ground


Panel connector pin numbering convention: Pin 1 is top left (R0), pin 2 is to the right of pin 1, pin 3 is below pin 1, pin 4 is to the right of pin 3, etc. Pin 16 is the bottom right.



6 thoughts on “OMRON D6T

  1. Hello,

    We need help on setting up Omron d6t to detect people in a room and hence activate electicity and airconditioning. Once no human people detected desactivate it.

    We have got the sensors but we may need a hint from you on how to do the wiring and what software could do this.

    Thank you so much


  2. Hi there,

    Happy to help 🙂
    Omron d6t is communicating with i2c, so any hw able to use this protocol will be ok I guess. Arduino works fine as an example (pin 20 = SDA, pin 21 = SCL).

    As for software, I am not aware of any free software that can do the things you ask. I think you will need to write your own software, but it would be a pretty easy task. Just scan the temperature, and if some defined threshold is exceeded, then just toggle a pin on hw. You can look at the code I made for this to get a hint.


  3. HELLO SIR !
    It stated that i am a university student and i am doing may final year project in which we are using OMRON D6T for thermal imaging , now can u kindly guide me how can i interface arduino with this sensor so that it can human body and after detecting it give us info about that human. so it is request that help me for my project and also tell me that can we directly attach this sensor with arduino.
    Waiting for your response 🙂



    1. Hi Hamad,

      Although I think that you should look this up yourself as a part of your final year project I have updated the blog with the connection scheme. Good luck !


  4. Hello! I want to make a people detection in my corridor it’s about 3 meters length.
    Will this sensor work on this distance?

  5. Hello,

    What are the 8 bits you’re sending for the start condition? Your code looks like you’re sending 0x0A? However looking at the datasheet it looks like the D6T wants to see a 0x15 or 0x14 depending if you’re trying to read or write? I’m currently having trouble with I2C and getting data from the sensor. Help is greatly appreciated.


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